Radio ID: 48-12

Classification: Engine

Location: Station 2

About: 48-12 is a 1999 E-One Fire body sitting on a 1998 Mack R model chassis. 48-12 Hold 1250 gallons of water and has a 1250 gpm pump. It has a 2 tank Class A foam system and carries 1500 feet of 5 inch hose. This truck also has a 10 inch newton dump and can be used to tank water as well as other engine duties.


Radio ID: 48-13

Classification: Engine

Location: Station 3

About: 48-13 is a 2003 E-One Fire body  sitting on a 2003 Mack R model chassis. 48-13 is very similar to 48-12 in that it too holds 1250 gallons of water and has a 1250 gpm pump. It has a 2 tank Class A foam system and carries 1000 feet of 5 inch hose. it also has the 10 inch newton dump, but also carries our 35 foot three fly extension ladder and 1500 gallon portable tank. 48-13 also has our first electronically controlled pump.


Radio Id: 48-31

Classification: Pumper/Tanker

Location: Station 1

About: 48-31 is a 2012 Pierce Impel Custom Fire Truck. It holds 1500 gallons of water and has a 1500 gpm pump. It also has a single tank class a foam system and 10 newton dump. It is our first custom crew cab and contains the latest in safety and firefighting technology.


Radio ID: 48-52

Classification: Heavy Rescue

Location: Station 1

About: 48-52 is a 1996 Spartan with a Salisbury rescue body. The rescue carries our jaws of life, a 15 kilowatt generator, and our 20 foot extendable light tower. The equipment this truck carries it too numerous to list here some other small rescue items include ice and water rescue equipment, EMS gear, and our air cascade system.


Radio ID: 48-61

Classification: Brush Truck (Wild land fire suppression vehicle)/Utility Truck

Location: Station 1

About: 48-61 if a 2006 Ford F350 with a Milan Fire Department built utility body. 61 is one of our most versatile and frequently used units. It carries about 200 gallons of water and a side mounted 350 gpm pump. Its small size and light weight allow it to go where many others cannot. 61 also carries a full set of BLS EMS gear and responds to EMS calls in the Station 1 & 3 areas. It is also use for traffic control for auto accidents on the Taconic State Parkway and Route 199.


Radio ID: 48-69 (48-96 attached)

Classification: Utility Truck

Location: Station 2

About: 48-69 is a 2008 F250 Crew cab pickup truck with a 6 foot bed and tow package. A headache rack and Side tool boxes were also added. 69 is another frequently used vehicle, use to tow 48-96 or run the numerous other errands needed during an alarm. This truck also carries a full set of BLS EMS gear and sometimes responds to EMS calls in the station 2 & 3 areas.


Radio ID: 48-71

Classification: BLS Ambulance (Basic Life Support Ambulance)

Location: Station 3

About: 48-71 is a 2007 Braun Ambulance on a Ford E350 Chassis. 71 was recently upgraded to carry the Stryker Power Load and Power Stretcher system. 71 carries all of our EMS gear.


Radio Id: 48-96

Classification: All Terrain Vehicle

Location: Station 2

About: 48-96 is a 2004 Polaris Ranger 6 wheel ATV. 96 as two skid units that can be loaded in the bed. First the fire skid which has a 50 gallon water tank, 100 gpm pump. and several hundred feet of light weight forestry hose. The second skid is an EMS skid with a stokes basket that locks into the skid for stability. Skids can be changed in a manner of seconds with a MVFD devised quick change system.