Station 1
Milan Station 1

Location: 1575 Jackson Corners Road

Apparatus: 48-31, 48-52, 48-61 and our 1934 American Lafrance parade truck.

This station was opened in 1984 and replaced the original station located in an old carriage house behind the old Jackson Corners General Store. Originally two bays with 10 foot doors the station became too small. unable to house new apparatus in 2011 the roof was raised 2 feet to accommodate 12 foot doors and a third bay was added.
Station 2
Milan Station 2

Location: 900 Route 199

Apparatus: 48-12, 48-69 and 48-96.

The original portion of the building is the two story section built in the early 1950 on property donated by Irene Wilcox (She also donated the land for the Town Hall to the Town of  Milan and the remainder of her estate to Dutchess County now Wilcox park).  Housing an engine and a meeting room upstairs it was out grown and added on to in the Mid 1990's.
Station 3

Milan Station 3

Location: 119 North Road

Apparatus: 48-13 and 48-71

Station functions as the headquarters of the Rescue Squad. This station has under gone additions twice. The station was first built in the 1960's on land donated by Henry Wyant a local resident. A bay was added to the north side of the building in 1975 to allow room for an ambulance to be housed after the creation of the Rescue squad. In 1991 the two bays on the south side of the building were added as the Rescue Squad need a room for CPR and First aid classes.